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My name is Jihyun and I’m from… a lot of places. I was born in South Korea, but I grew up in Argentina and now and I live in the UK.

I like to consider myself a citizen of the world. I have a degree in Industrial Design, but the last few years I’ve been focused in two of my passions, travel and photography. Whenever I visit a new place I like to step off the beaten path and discover the little details that make each place unique. It may be a secret spot to take a beautiful panoramic of the city, a small restaurant with a unique menu, etc. Architecture, food, streets and people are the main subjects of my photographs. Through them I hope to share with everyone my view of the world. In a time where borders and migration are constantly in the center of the public opinion, my work tries to show one world, the one we all share, full of amazing places, people and stories. Stories and experiences that are diverse but similar in essence throughout many cities and countries. I never travel without my camera through which I capture all my adventures. I intend to share my knowledge and experiences them with you through these articles and since a picture is worth a thousand words.


Being CREATIVE is not a hobby it’s a WAY of LIFE

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