24hs in London

Be A Londoner


We’ll start the day from London’s Kings Cross station. Chances are if you’re arriving to London, you’ll be arriving here and if you’re already in London it’s a meeting point and easy to get to from anywhere in the city.

King's Cross
King’s Cross

Let’s start with a little secret well known to londoners but not to many tourists. From inside the station head towards the St. Pancras station, before leaving take the escalators to the underground. Follow the signs leading to St. Pancras station but right before reaching it look right and this is what you’ll see.

Stay for a few minutes so you can see the colors in the walls change and enjoy taking some nice colorful pictures. Now let’s resurface again, we won’t be taking the underground (yet).



Take Pancras Rd., the street in between Kings Cross and St. Pancras stations, towards Euston Rd. and make a right. Walk down Euston while taking your time to appreciate the beautiful architecture of St. Pancras station and maybe stop at the parking lot of the St. Pancras renaissance hotel to take some pictures of the amazing antique cars there.


Keep walking down Euston Rd. until you reach the Wellcome collection. It’s not your typical museum, it’s dedicated to the history of medicine but it has many attractions besides it’s exhibitions. One is this very unique spiral staircase that binds every floor.

Wellcome collection stairs
Wellcome collection stairs

Also if you pop into the reading room you can do like I did and feel queen of time for a while.

Wellcome collection reading room
Wellcome collection reading room

Now it’s time to ride the famous London Underground to the St. Paul’s station. But first while you’re there keep calm and take some more pictures.


Just a few blocks from the station is the One New Exchange shopping mall. Find the elevator and go to the rooftop. From here you can find an amazing view of some of London’s famous skyscrapers like The shard and the St. Paul cathedral. If look carefully you can even see the Eye of London and the Big Ben.

St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul’s Cathedral
The Shard
The Shard
The Shard
The Shard
One New Exchange
One New Exchange

Lunch Time!

You must be hungry by now so let’s head to one of my favourite places to eat in London. Don’t worry, it’s within walking distance. Walk towards London Liverpool St. train station. Right next to it you will find Broadgate circle. You’ll find many restaurants here but I will recommend you try the excellent japanese ramen in Shoryu Ramen.

Dishes are well priced and portion sizes are big you won’t regret it. Don’t forget to try the pork buns, they’re incredible!


Start by exploring the area around broadgate circle. It’s very busy in weekdays but on a weekend it’s almost empty and you can really slow down and appreciate the nice buildings around here.

Broadgate Circle
Broadgate Circle
5 Broadgate
5 Broadgate

After we’ve regained our energy we’ll do some more walking to find a few landmarks. The Gherkin, the Cheesegrater and Lloyd’s bank headquarters are all very close. After you’ve snapped some pictures let’s head to the Tower of London. Unfortunately with just 24hs we can’t afford to go in as it will take at least 3-4hs to visit in full so we’ll save it for another day. It’s equally impressive from the outside and you get great sights of the Tower bridge and the City hall across the river as well.

The Cheese grater
Leadenhall Building
Lloyds Bank London
Lloyds Bank London

We’ll now head to one of London’s greatest museums, Tate modern. You can enjoy some of the exhibitions but you’ll want to go to the 8th floor where you can find an incredible panoramic view of London.

The Shard from Tate's 8th floor
The Shard from Tate’s 8th floor

The architecture inside Tate modern.

Tate Modern interior
Tate Modern interior


At last, but not least we’ll head to the Big Ben, possibly one of the most iconic buildings in London. Many people prefer to see it during day. I saved it for last because I love it in the night. The clock face and tower light up and it’s just beautiful.


Dinner Time!

Finally head into the trendy neighbourhood of Soho. Plenty of restaurants and pubs are in this area but for dinner I recommend you Yauatcha. It’s a very classy, chic and modern dim sum restaurant, not your average chinese place. Save some room to get dessert here, they’re fantastic, delicious and pretty.



I hope you’ve enjoyed your day in London. If you’re not tired you can enjoy a cocktail in one of the many bars in Soho or you can head to the hotel and rest after your busy day.

Tips if you have more time in London to spend like a true londoner


Access to the gardens in the rooftop is free and has amazing views and a cafe, but you have to book in advance.

Sky Garden


One of the loveliest neighbourhoods in London. Just walk around and get lost.


This ivy is one of the most photographed by londoners. If you’re here in Autumn it’ll be all red instead.



One of London’s greatest museums with a beautiful architecture as well.

Tate Britain


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  1. Stunning photographs! Lovely places too you’ve selected, I’ll have to check a few of these out 🙂

    1. Thank you a lot! I hope you enjoy the places 🙂

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