Have you ever you heard the quote “Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before” ? for me is “Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before and go to Paris” eternally in love with this place, one of my favorite cities, the beautiful Eiffel tower immortalized in millions of photos, unique Parisians style, wonderful in every corner, I never get tired of visiting this place… I always discover new locations to visit in this lovely cities. Nothing disappoints in Paris, The Avenue des Champs-Élysées, The Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame with its gargoyles, Impressive the Louvre Museum, The Tuileries Garden, Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Jardin du Luxembourg, fancy The Palace of Versailles and obviously the most beautiful the Eiffel Tower. No matter what time of year  I always love to visit Paris. My love for Paris is infinitive and have the Eiffel tower tattooed forever in my heart.


Whenever I am traveling place I like to step off the beaten path and discover the little details that make each place unique. Architecture, food and people are the main subjects of my photographies. Through them I hope to share with everyone my view of the world.  My work tries to show one world, the one we all share, full of amazing places, people and stories.

Here I want to show some of my photographs and stories

The seine, on a sunny day is the best place to be in Paris! Where parisians go to enjoy the sun and the beautiful views. Couples, groups of friends, families. It really is the heart of Paris!


Luxembourg full of old ladies and their dogs, children, lovers, friends, choosing a chair and accommodate to see the landscape.

Every time I visit Paris I always like to go to the Jardin du Luxembourg. In autumn you can find every colour among its beautiful flowers and trees. But this time this man caught my attention. He was enjoying his music peacefully, smiling and taking in the last rays of sun of the fading summer. This is why Paris is special…”I think everybody needs a little Paris in their lives.”

There’s no better way to explore Paris on a lovely sunny day than by bike. The city has a system of short term bike rental accessible to anyone with stations all over the city. And when you get tired of cycling and walking you can enjoy a nice rest in the square of the  Louvre Pyramid.

After a long day of walking along the streets of Paris, find a place to rest in one of the benches around the pyramid of the musee du louvre. Maybe even a short nap with style like you can only do in Paris.


Only in Paris you can find style and fashion everywhere. Parisians have a unique style and routine like no other city in the world.” Yes, everybody needs some Paris!”


This is how Parisians rest after a walk in the Jardin des Tuileries, with style.


Parisians have a unique style and routine like no other city in the world. She was enjoying her music peacefully and taking in the last rays of sun of the fading summer…

  |  R E S T A U R A N T  S |

↠  Merci  ↞

One of the not so famous sites like the Eiffel Tower, but deserves a must if you will visiting Paris. For lovers of designs and fashion this is the place you should go! “Used Books, Coffee, & an Instagrammer’s Dream”.

Merci is one of the most eclectic general stores of Paris. Located in the heart of the trendy neighbourhood of Le Haut Marais, Merci features a great variety of goods, from interior design to fashion, two cafés and one restaurant. The cafe is great, with teas, food and used books in a library that you can read during your meal.


Fiat 500 makes this courtyard stunning!


“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” ― Anna Quindlen.

Cafe area
CEufs coque bio✔💯 Taboulé du marché✔💯 Lemoinaid✔💯

Now I want to recommend a place to go to eat.

I love finding new restaurants where you can try recipes that commonly you can not do at home. Those who are foodie, who like to avoid tourist places, not spend so much and try new recipes I suggest you can go to…

↠  Clasico Argentino  ↞

You can eat Empanadas and Ice cream, recipes original delicious tradition Argentine. For lovers of beer and wine  you can try Argentine beer and wine. And buy products from Argentina.


I always find new sites to discover in Paris. Can you recommend me something new?

↠ ↞

Paris was more beautiful, more I expected, more impressive than somebody told me, I read, I saw in the movie…and as I dreamed.

↠ ↞

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