|  S T . S T E P H E N ‘S C A T H E D R A L  |


When I travel these are the photos I like to take. These are the best photos, the ones that capture true moments, real people. So many stories in each candle. Hope, happiness, sadness, tears, prayers is what I see when I look at these candles. I’m grateful that I can capture these moments.


|  S T E P H E N S P L A T Z |

|  I   H A V E   T H I S   T H I N G   W I T H   B I K E  |

Walking or cycling which do you prefer?

2015-11-15 15.57.43

|  H U N D E R T W A S S E R H A U S  |

It is not adapted to the rules and clichés of conventional architecture.

It is a journey through the land of creative architecture.

|   K U N S T H A U S   |

|   A R C H I T E C T U R E   |

|   U – B A H N   |

To the future…

2015-11-15 12.42.07

|   S C H O N B R U N N   P A L A C E   |

  |  R E S T A U R A N T  S |

 ↠  Sacher  ↞

 ↠  The Guesthouse  ↞

One of the most original pasta dishes I’ve ever tasted. Pumpkin, cabbage, cheese and more in a perfect combination

After your dish, try something from the patisserie, everything is delicious!

  |  H O T E L  |

 ↠  25hours hotel beim museumsquartier  ↞

The 25hours Hotel Vienna at MuseumsQuartier plays with the dreams and sensations associated with the world of the circus. The decor is amazing in every inch of the hotel from the lobby, to the elevator, to the hallways, to the rooms. All very creative and original, and most important functional and comfortable with lovely view on the city. I would recommend it to everyone who are more alternative and modern!

This images are from the panoramic suite with amazing views of the museumsquartier and the city

↠ ↞

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